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Two Months In One Post (So Long, Winter)

Damn near two months, and nothing!

It was a good idea in the fall, but now, in the dying days of Canadian Winter (aka Spring), when ambitions are dulled and Vitamin D levels are at a desperate low, my ears aren’t often tuned to the outside world. I have my headphones on, head down and my iPod on an uninspired, fruitless shuffle.

I’ve traveled from city to city, sat in a number of new homes and heard a handful of new bands, sat quietly writing grants; but not once have I rekindled the aforementioned ‘eureka moments’.

What the hell have I been doing?

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On The Job: A Double Inquiry

The ideas that prompted me to start this blog came all at once; surely they’d been bubbling under for quite sometime, but all in a chain, instances and ideas began to knot themselves together. In a matter of weeks, I had jotted down some beautiful moments that occurred in my life relating to or dependent upon music in one way or another. I took my scribblings and prettied them up for the internet (added hyperlinks and retrospective musings). And then I felt a lull: a sort of ‘Huh… What now?’. I became worried that I’d have nothing to write about. I really wanted to focus on moments of uncontrolled serendipity and avoid writing about a  self-indulgent scenario. I wanted to avoid posting the equivalent of ‘Last night, I put on the perfect song. It’s the best. I’m the best. I get it.’ or a similar fit of narcissism. Well, skeptics beware, I’m afraid I can avoid it no longer. This post flirts with that sentiment:

Today was a beautiful, crisp, blue winter’s day. The sun shone and the air was cold enough to feel like winter, but warm enough to warrant smiles from a handful of strangers as I strolled to work this morning (for those unawares, I wait tables at a restaurant). The positive vibrations carried on through the day, into the lunch rush and swiftly followed me back home. I think everyone felt grateful for such bliss in early February.

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Pony Rides Again

Yesterday was my first day of work after a week of repose and relaxation. My shifted ended at 3:30pm. The sky was blue and the sun was bright. On my walk home, I stopped to pick up some beets to add to a less-than-satisfying borscht I had made the night before. I was determined to make that soup a deep purple, rather than a fleshy, dark pink. Determined to make it ooze with beet sweetness, rather than subtly remind one of what beets tasted like (I made it with golden and candystripe beets, which just aren’t strong enough to make a serious borscht), I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some extras to add to it.

Purple beetroot in my fist, I arrived home. Marching up the stairs, I met my roommate, D, at the landing in our front hallway.

“I’ve come to make things right” I said triumphantly, hoisting the beets above my head.

“I’m going for a skate” said D.

“Ooh, maybe I’ll go for a skate” I replied, immediately letting slip away any resolve regarding my soup.

I left the beets laid across the kitchen table, grabbed my sunglasses and toque and headed for The Oval.

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