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Year’s Ending

ImageYes, it has been forever old chum. I have traveled, I have sat still, I have spent hours upon hours listening to Revolver. Now I live in a cabin in the woods with no internet. I have no excuses for not posting, but just imagine: somehow, every moment of my new rural life synches perfectly to the fab four’s finest. As a sign of an ending, and the beginning of a new beginning, a tiny spark of interest on my end, take this list of my favorite Canadian songs of the year.


The Mangroves Go Naked!

Free your mind and your ass will follow: this Saturday I’ll be DJing at the body painting party for The World Naked Bike Ride. After a few days of rain and grey skies, I’m looking forward to basking in the sun and riding free. Last year was my first year participating in the ride and I had such a marvelous time that I’ve been looking forward to it for months now. At first I thought craft fairs and opening receptions were my preferred DJ gigs, but DJing nude in the sun? It doesn’t get much better.

You can bet that, like every other day for the last three weeks, I’ll be playing this. And a little bit of this.