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Mixtape #2: An Eager Boy Carving The Pacific County Line

Where the last one gets quieter, this one gets sadder as it goes on. It’s starts off well and good, bouncy and hopeful and then somehow it get’s to Jackson C. Frank, one of the more depressive music personalities of the 1960’s. The song featured on this tape is one of those gems that people often associate with cover versions, but the original is the finest I’ve heard. According to Wikipedia it’s been covered by: Simon and Garfunkel, Sandy Denny and Nick Drake, and later by Bert Jansch, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Colin Meloy and Laura Marling. To that incredible/horrifying list, I’ll add Jef Jef (who played guitar in one of my first love’s in the Halifax music scene, Special Noise). He did a great version this past summer at The North Street Church.

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Mixtape #1: A Secret Song Softly Running Out

I’ve been toiling over a borrowed tape deck for the last few weeks preparing a new batch of mixtapes. I started compiling the tracklists months ago, but am only just now beginning to dub them. There is a Night Flea Market at The Khyber on November 26th, which provided me with the deadline I needed to actually get to work on them: I’ll be hocking these beauties (12 different mixtapes available) and DJing whilst the great people of Halifax shop for the finest of the finest.

Leading up to the flea, I’ll be posting tracklists with some preview links:

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The Mysterious ‘Frank/Francis’ Mix

Today I woke up early, though I didn’t have much to do. After checking my e-mail and throwing a load of laundry in, I struggled to find direction in my day. I chopped some potatoes and put them in the oven for roasting. I’ve been using my little handheld cassette player/recorder as a stereo in my tiny kitchen. I keep a little stack of tapes on rotation. Right now there is: