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Year’s Ending

ImageYes, it has been forever old chum. I have traveled, I have sat still, I have spent hours upon hours listening to Revolver. Now I live in a cabin in the woods with no internet. I have no excuses for not posting, but just imagine: somehow, every moment of my new rural life synches perfectly to the fab four’s finest. As a sign of an ending, and the beginning of a new beginning, a tiny spark of interest on my end, take this list of my favorite Canadian songs of the year.


The Year As It Was #4

Seeing as last year is now last year, I think this will be my final post about it. As a nice final thought on the year, I was asked to submit my favorite Canadian songs from 2011 to Southern Souls. Looking at the list, it’s leaning pretty heavy towards Halifax.

Fair enough: it’s where I live and there is so much good music coming from Halifax right now that it’s hard enough keeping up with it, let alone the rest of the country. That being said, I’m sure if I’d spent less time watching John Maus interviews, I might be more up on what was happening elsewhere in Canada.

But really, the album title We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves alone is enough to inspire a certain curiosity, non?

Book Soundtracking: The Idiot

It’s Halifax Pop Explosion, which means there are a bajillion shows happening all the time. The line-up this year is really strong and last night was perhaps the finest bill of the year: at Reflections, Sheer Agony, Cousins, Bloodhouse and Thee Oh Sees played. An impeccable line-up, if you ask me, irresistible even. I was exhausted by 10:30pm, but I had to stay to see it all. It was a great show and when I got home at around 2:30am, I set to sleeping heavily. I woke around noon today.

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