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The Mangroves Go Live!

Thanks to the wonderful people at CKDU 88.1 FM, I’ll be playing some tunes at the Spring Edition of The Halifax Crafters Market on Saturday May 5th from 11am-1pm. I think its one of my favorite events to DJ: beautiful crafts, delicious food and people wandering about tuning in and tuning out. I’ll be playing some sweet African jams c/o Orchestre Black Santiago. I will probably also play some Ted Hawkins:


The Year As It Was #3

April brought my empty wallet and I back to the North End of Halifax. I moved into a dreamy home of lovely ladies. I worked my first contract job for the Halifax Jazz Festival, writing program blurbs and eating sweets from the cafe downstairs. It gave me enough money to coast through the summer unemployed (I did work a few odd jobs, including unloading a massive transport truck full of dusty, gawdy, ‘sexy’, Halloween gear into one of those heinous pop-up shops).

I spent most of my early afternoons alone, cooking myself elaborate breakfasts, listening to a lot of reggae. I took up smoking again, and would spend afternoons on my back deck drinking black tea with a cigarette , or, if I felt ambitious enough, I’d bike to the lake.

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The Mysterious ‘Frank/Francis’ Mix

Today I woke up early, though I didn’t have much to do. After checking my e-mail and throwing a load of laundry in, I struggled to find direction in my day. I chopped some potatoes and put them in the oven for roasting. I’ve been using my little handheld cassette player/recorder as a stereo in my tiny kitchen. I keep a little stack of tapes on rotation. Right now there is:

Early Morning Airport Run

I woke at 3am, shot out of bed and rushed to a hotel downtown. Biking through the streets, somewhere between sleep and a waking state (much like the city itself), I saw few pedestrians and even fewer cars. I’ve taken a job driving for our film festival: spending too much time idling in valet parking, snacking on fruit at the airport and making small talk with delegates. Working ten to twelve hours a day, my life is starting and stopping at all hours.

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