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The Year As It Was #2

In late February/early March, I was passing through Toronto; watching Deadwood (the greatest television show ever made) with my pal J, swigging whiskey backstage with Makeout Videotape at CMW, visiting beautiful bookstores with A.C., spending some quality time with D (listening to the mighty Orchestre Poly-Rythmo) and telling no one it was my birthday.

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Early Morning Airport Run

I woke at 3am, shot out of bed and rushed to a hotel downtown. Biking through the streets, somewhere between sleep and a waking state (much like the city itself), I saw few pedestrians and even fewer cars. I’ve taken a job driving for our film festival: spending too much time idling in valet parking, snacking on fruit at the airport and making small talk with delegates. Working ten to twelve hours a day, my life is starting and stopping at all hours.

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