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Two Months In One Post (So Long, Winter)

Damn near two months, and nothing!

It was a good idea in the fall, but now, in the dying days of Canadian Winter (aka Spring), when ambitions are dulled and Vitamin D levels are at a desperate low, my ears aren’t often tuned to the outside world. I have my headphones on, head down and my iPod on an uninspired, fruitless shuffle.

I’ve traveled from city to city, sat in a number of new homes and heard a handful of new bands, sat quietly writing grants; but not once have I rekindled the aforementioned ‘eureka moments’.

What the hell have I been doing?

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On The Job: A Double Inquiry

The ideas that prompted me to start this blog came all at once; surely they’d been bubbling under for quite sometime, but all in a chain, instances and ideas began to knot themselves together. In a matter of weeks, I had jotted down some beautiful moments that occurred in my life relating to or dependent upon music in one way or another. I took my scribblings and prettied them up for the internet (added hyperlinks and retrospective musings). And then I felt a lull: a sort of ‘Huh… What now?’. I became worried that I’d have nothing to write about. I really wanted to focus on moments of uncontrolled serendipity and avoid writing about a  self-indulgent scenario. I wanted to avoid posting the equivalent of ‘Last night, I put on the perfect song. It’s the best. I’m the best. I get it.’ or a similar fit of narcissism. Well, skeptics beware, I’m afraid I can avoid it no longer. This post flirts with that sentiment:

Today was a beautiful, crisp, blue winter’s day. The sun shone and the air was cold enough to feel like winter, but warm enough to warrant smiles from a handful of strangers as I strolled to work this morning (for those unawares, I wait tables at a restaurant). The positive vibrations carried on through the day, into the lunch rush and swiftly followed me back home. I think everyone felt grateful for such bliss in early February.

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