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Dual Summer: A Mix For OBEY

This year I have the distinct privilege of getting to work and play at one of my favorite Halifax music festivals: OBEY. If you are unfamiliar with it, I’ll say this: it’s absolutely the most bad-ass thing on my radar in Halifax. Freaky noise, wild skronkin’ and punk-as-fuck madness will ensue all throughout the weekend. Moreover, OBEY hosts an awesome zine fair and includes plenty of live art and interpretation. It’s sure to be a highlight of big city livin’ this summer and I can’t wait.

I just posted a mix that I made extra-special for the OBEY blog. Tracklist after the jump.

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The Year As It Was #3

April brought my empty wallet and I back to the North End of Halifax. I moved into a dreamy home of lovely ladies. I worked my first contract job for the Halifax Jazz Festival, writing program blurbs and eating sweets from the cafe downstairs. It gave me enough money to coast through the summer unemployed (I did work a few odd jobs, including unloading a massive transport truck full of dusty, gawdy, ‘sexy’, Halloween gear into one of those heinous pop-up shops).

I spent most of my early afternoons alone, cooking myself elaborate breakfasts, listening to a lot of reggae. I took up smoking again, and would spend afternoons on my back deck drinking black tea with a cigarette , or, if I felt ambitious enough, I’d bike to the lake.

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