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Year’s Ending

ImageYes, it has been forever old chum. I have traveled, I have sat still, I have spent hours upon hours listening to Revolver. Now I live in a cabin in the woods with no internet. I have no excuses for not posting, but just imagine: somehow, every moment of my new rural life synches perfectly to the fab four’s finest. As a sign of an ending, and the beginning of a new beginning, a tiny spark of interest on my end, take this list of my favorite Canadian songs of the year.


Book Soundtracking: The Idiot

It’s Halifax Pop Explosion, which means there are a bajillion shows happening all the time. The line-up this year is really strong and last night was perhaps the finest bill of the year: at Reflections, Sheer Agony, Cousins, Bloodhouse and Thee Oh Sees played. An impeccable line-up, if you ask me, irresistible even. I was exhausted by 10:30pm, but I had to stay to see it all. It was a great show and when I got home at around 2:30am, I set to sleeping heavily. I woke around noon today.

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