Two Months In One Post (So Long, Winter)

by Andrew Patterson

Damn near two months, and nothing!

It was a good idea in the fall, but now, in the dying days of Canadian Winter (aka Spring), when ambitions are dulled and Vitamin D levels are at a desperate low, my ears aren’t often tuned to the outside world. I have my headphones on, head down and my iPod on an uninspired, fruitless shuffle.

I’ve traveled from city to city, sat in a number of new homes and heard a handful of new bands, sat quietly writing grants; but not once have I rekindled the aforementioned ‘eureka moments’.

What the hell have I been doing?

On a snowy day in Montreal, with a dozen close friends holed-up in an industrial loft, I ate fresh fruit from the Jean Talon Market down the street. We got stoned and played ping-pong all day long. CAN played on the stereo for hours, hypnotically.

In a borrowed apartment on Queen West in Toronto, after a long night of socializing and sociables, I unwound with two old friends. We listened attentively to side one Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert, a life-affirming half-hour of improvised music.

I wrote a grant, propelled to the deadline by the steadiness of Ulrich Schnauss and Steve Reich:


I discovered and swiftly became obsessed with The Nerves. In the days that followed, The Coast included a reference to ‘Hangin’ On The Telephone‘, a song of utmost perfection that I’d been listening to at least six or seven times a day.

One night at work, passing through the kitchen, I stopped dead in my tracks. A co-worker was playing Brainbombs, a militantly disturbing Swedish garage band, who I’ve since spent far too much time researching (but not really ever listening to again).

I read a whole lot of Don Paterson entranced by the wistful sounds of A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

I danced around the kitchen, making breakfast with Sylvia Striplin:


In Blackalicious, I found hip-hop I could play at work. Thanks Blackalicious!

In my parents luxury vehicle that I had for two weeks while they were on vacation, I played much Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf: