Mixtape #3: Simpleton Jive And Justice Ramblin’

by Andrew Patterson

Only two days away from The Khyber Flea Market which, especially after visiting that now-bustling Tumblr, I’m getting more and more excited about. Here’s the third mix of twelve. Get educated after the jump (including sports content!).

This one doesn’t really have any old reliables on it, mostly things I’ve discovered in the past few months. The only exception being the 8-minute Caribou b-side ‘Boreal Forrest Opper‘. The man behind the magic (Dan Snaith) is featured on another mix under his old moniker, Manitoba. It’s one of the best tracks he’s done called ‘Schedules & Fares’, off his totally underrated debut LP, Start Breaking My Heart.

What Else?

There is a track from famed Cameroonian writer, sculptor, musician and all-around smiley genius Francis Bebey:

His resume is so jam packed with impressive artistic works, it makes me wonder if there was just more hours in the day where and when he lived. Dig the whole album, Akwaaba.

The tape closes with a short piece by Mark McGuire who’s become a fascination of mine lately. I was introduced to him through his work with Emeralds. I’m not really wild about the three LPs I’ve heard by them, but they’re certainly interesting and worth checking out if you’re looking for a cosmic hole in which to sink.

What really hooked me was McGuire’s solo effort Living With Yourself from last year. The track on the tape is featured on a retrospective that came out this year. It’s cheekily titled “A Young Person’s Guide To Mark Mcguire“. It’s almost two hours long, full of McGuire’s blissed-out, shape-shifting guitar compositions. He’s one of those young, go-getter types, constantly putting material out. The compilation is as good a place to start as any. Sometimes his stuff sounds really fuzzy, like My Bloody Valentine with the guts ripped out. Other times he’s super Kosmische which, in more familiar terms, often sounds not unlike the Chicago Bulls theme: